About Us

The Museum Shores Yacht Club (MSYC) is celebrating in 2018, 47 years in Chicago's South Shore.  We have a long history of serving the community and offering programs and events for South Shore residents young and old. For us, boats and boating is much more than our pastime - it's our passion. We are committed to serving the Chicagoland area and specifically the South Shore community with programs about boating and water safety for adults and youth.  We also strive to introduce boating to families and future generations of captains.

The objectives of this Club shall be: To promote interest in and the benefits of recreational power boating; to increase awareness and respect for the environment and the damage to it due to
polluting; to promote safety of life at sea and to secure helpful boating legislation. The Club also strives to establish and to advance, mutually harmonious relationships with local community groups and professional associations and to maintain an atmosphere of good sportsmanship among its members.

Mission Statement