The membership of the Museum Shores Yacht Club shall consist of regular, associate and honorary membership.  No membership is transferable to another person.

  • Application for membership, all application for membership shall be made on forms prescribed and furnished by the club.

  • Sponsorship, each applicant shall be proposed and recommended by at least two (2) regular members in good standing.

  • The name, resident address, boat name and occupation of applicant proposing them, shall be posted upon the bulletin board of the at least ten (10) days before being acted upon by the Board of Directors.

  • Each application shall be accompanied by initiation fee, dues and assessments.

  • Application Approval, all applications shall be referred to and acted upon by the board of directors, whose proceedings thereon shall be confidential and final.  The vote shall be by secret ballot.  An applicant who receives two (2) negative votes shall be denied membership.  The secretary shall inform the applicant of acceptance or rejection by the board of directors.

  • Regular Members, an adult person over 21 years of age who is an owner, or part owner (minimum 33-1/3%) of a boat, at the time of application approval.  Regular membership extends to a member's spouse and unmarried children 21 years of age residing in member's household, all privileges except voting rights and meeting attendance apply.

  • Associate Members, those persons over 21 years of age who are philosophically compatible with the aims and supportive of the objectives of the club shows that he/she has been involved in boating for at least two years.

  • Honorary Members, an adult person over 21 years of age being unanimously elected by the board of directors and shall be except from all fees, dues assessments.  The number of honorary members shall be limited to ten (10) in number.

  • Membership Card, each member shall receive a membership card from the treasurer as his/her receipt for payment of dues.

  • Membership Standing, members in good standing shall be those members, other than honorary, who pay all dues and assessments and participate in the activities of this club.  A member who is in arrears in dues or who is in violation of the stated goals of these bylaws, shall not be considered in good standing.

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